Why I left Google to join Grab
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Google doesn’t necessarily need innovation
I’m getting a lot of calls from reporters, asking me for a hot take on my claim yesterday that Google has lost the ability to innovate. And since I’m busy with my new job at Grab, I don’t have time…

寫得幾好,或許係 Steve Yegge 作為一個係 Google 做咗 13 年嘅老員工先能夠指出嘅改變,Developers 幾值得花時間睇下👍🏻

TLDR; 兩篇文主要帶出兩個重點

  • Google is competitor focus, can no longer innovate
  • Google doesn’t necessarily need innovation

的確 Google 好多服務都唔係原創,但不得不承認大部份都做得比其他人好, ‘Made by Google’ 多數都唔會中伏。咁樣究竟係扼殺原創定係算將原創推而廣之?作為用戶嘅你又點睇?


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