Google 又將自己啲 Best Practices 整合做一個 Open Source Project....(Istio 今年年底就出 1.0 Release)

《Istio: a modern approach to developing and managing microservices》

「今次又徹底地解決行 Microservice 經常遇到嘅問題,進一步降低門檻,Microservice 普及指日可待😎。」

阿 Gap 又一次痴人說夢話🙈,一諗起香港就算係 2017 主流或者依舊係

1. PHP Apache 單春無限 Folder
2. Java Monolithic 垃圾崗
3. 千零人就冧 Server 冧全日
4. 搵公司拍啲片介紹自己點應付 Server 慢咗,娛樂下身邊非 Tech 人仕


_ 做 Work 就得啦,唔洗 Main 架,要 Main 就再收錢!

個個都想做下一個 SnapChat,問題係究竟你有無準備過「Write Code/ Build Application That Scale」?

Software Development 就係咁殘酷。不進則退,以往人人都係咁做嘅野會被時代淘汰,被新技術取代最後成為 Anti-Pattern。


Istio is just one piece of a solution to help make microservices easier to build, deploy, consume and manage.

Istio encapsulates many of the best practices Google has been using to run massive-scale services in production for years.

Istio provides developers and devops fine-grained visibility and control over traffic without requiring any changes to application code and provides CIOs and CSOs the tools needed to help enforce security and compliance requirements across the enterprise.