Kotlin/Native Tech Preview: Kotlin without a VM
We are happy to announce the first Technology Preview of Kotlin/Native that compiles Kotlin directly to machine code. The Kotlin/Native compiler produces standalone executables that can run without…

認真...? Kotlin Team 真係痴咗線,上個月 Kotlin 1.1 已經好癲,呢次簡直喪心病狂,野心之大無可比喻🙈

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Future plans

We are currently working on the core technology for Kotlin/Native which is the same for all target platforms (compiler, core runtime and library). As a matter of possible future work, we are considering the following possible use cases:

- iOS applications (reusing code with Android)
- Embedded systems/IoT (e.g., Arduino and beyond)
- Data analysis and Scientific Computing
- Server-side and Microservices (low-footprint executables, utilizing the power of coroutines)
- Game Development